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Our Story

It was in 2009 when our family first came in contact with this lovely breed—English Golden Retrievers. We had been searching for the perfect breed for several years and when we saw one, it was love at first sight. They were calm, gentle, beautiful, intelligent, and loving… everything you would wish for in a dream dog! We began to look for the perfect puppy to raise, and in 2013, we found two female puppies from Romania. We imported and brought them to our home and they have been part of our family ever since, being loved by our family with four children, then ages 13, 10, 8, and 5 and they have grown up together. And ever since, the English Creams have always been a part of our family.

We strive to do everything we can to produce the healthiest puppies and continue to get our dogs and puppies checked by our vet as well as the specialists at Virginia Tech for any health issues they might encounter.

Our dogs are AKC registered and have impressive pedigrees with multiple champions in their bloodlines. We test them before breeding for their health clearances, and they are OFA certified for heart, elbow, and hips, and eyes.

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