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From Lily's family in NOVA

It is a wonderful experience to work with Katherine and Virginia English golden retriever! Both sire and dam have great health clearance. We also got a chance to meet the dam before the birth of puppies. During this puppy adoption journey, we are well informed about the litter updates and puppy care information. The most amazing thing is the temperament of our puppy. She is so smart and easy to train. She understands our commands quickly and is able respond to what we said. She is already potty trained and never had a potty accident in the house. When she wants to go potty in the midnight, she made sounds to wake us up. It is so hard to believe that she is only 8 weeks old!

Thank you, Katherine!! We are truly blessed to find you and get a puppy from you! I strongly recommend Virginia English Golden Retriever!! --Gary and Amy

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