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From Teddy’s Family in VA Beach


I wanted to write a testimonial for your website since we are so happy with Teddy and our experience working with you!!! I'll text you an updated photo too. Thank you!!!!

I don't take the time to write reviews on much of anything with my busy schedule, but I had to for our awesome experience with Katherine and her family. Our family has never owned a dog so we did a lot of research and finally decided English Creams were the breed for us. And based on the great testimonials from VAGoldens we decided to go with this breeder. Katherine was very responsive and answered all our questions. We even worked out meeting halfway to pick up our puppy. It sounded almost too good to be true but they said he was already house-broken and slept through the night, and he was, even from day one!!!!!!! He is the sweetest, most gentle, calm dog and hardly ever barks. He is gorgeous, playful, and gets along great with our kids and elderly cat. He is the perfect addition to our family!!!!!!!!

I also forgot to mention, he is well known in our neighborhood and has quite a following LOL.

–Erin and Brandon


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