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A Lot of Work, but So Much Happier!

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Katherine Lee. I started researching breeders on the AKC website in the summer of 2018 and I decided to buy a puppy from Katherine in October.  It was very important for me that the breeder provide a health guarantee and perform a health screening on the parents.  I also lived close enough that she would deliver the puppy to my house and that helped me so much!

Katherine responded to my emails immediately and answered all my questions—I have three children and two cats—and I wanted to find out how it would be to have a puppy too!

I visited the Golden Retriever litter in early October and within a few days my new puppy was on my way to my house!  Katherine advised me what food to get for him, how to crate him, when to take him to the veterinarian, etc. She also advised me on how much work raising a puppy can be and made sure that I had some family or friends to help out.

Albert is a lot of work, but having a new dog has made me so much happier! 

—Louisa from Blacksburg, VA

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